Smartphone betting is on the rise in Africa. Most of these bettors belong to the millennial generation. So what is the reason behind the sudden growth of mobile betting and platforms like Betway South Africa today? Why are people looking to bet online on platforms like Betway than go somewhere else?

A Bulge in An Audience Who Loves to Try Their Luck

Horse racing and casino industry have seen the most significant growth, though the bingo industry has been seeing the highest growth rate.

60% of the population in Africa is estimated to be under the age of 25. That makes it the continent with one of the largest gaming population in the whole world. It’s why we have more players on Betway from South Africa today than before.

Naturally, there are more people interested in sports, and following sporting events around the world as well as who are ready to try their luck at sports betting.

The audience in question is also more familiar with technology, which drives the trend of smartphone betting in Africa.

Growth of Mobile Devices

Mobile usage has grown significantly across most African countries in the past few years. For instance, Cameroon has 72% of registered social media users between the age of 15 to 24 in 2016. And that number is steadily increasing.

The multimillion-dollar gambling industry in Kenya also attracts different betting enthusiasts. According to BBC, 78% of university students gamble regularly using mobiles.

Sports betting will become more widespread in Africa, as mobile penetration increases over the next few years.

The Popularity of Satellite Television

The adoption of satellite television is also a driving factor for the growth of smartphone betting. People can now follow national and international sports events sitting right at their homes. Digital Satellite Televisions broadcast numerous matches daily, including various sports like soccer, football, cricket, and more.

The rise of streaming services has also boosted sports betting. Overall, it’s easier for people to gain access to sports events, which fuels their interest in sports betting.

Lack of Earning Opportunities

Most of the African countries have a high unemployment rate. Let’s take a quick look at some countries and their unemployment rates –

  • Namibia – 33.4%
  • Nigeria – 23.10%
  • Senegal – 19%
  • Rwanda – 16%
  • Kenya – 9.3%

Betting, for many Africans, is a quick way to get some cash and can help people fulfil some of their dreams.

Plenty of Options

Many sports betting providers have expanded their operations in African countries. It’s not difficult anymore to find a reliable betting platform that is free of scams or tricks. You can choose from several leading providers who have a name in the world of sports betting. Africa is becoming a key market for sports betting who are looking to earn some extra cash. You can also find serious bettors who have taken up betting as a long-term investment. No matter why you are looking to bet online, it can sure get rewarding.

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