Gedigte van Corne Pieterse

The Greatest Gift the World Ever Recieved

to what do i owe your kindeness?
you always forgive me if i stray
even hen i turn my back on you
and on your word(even the promises you hold for me)

to what do i owe your love?
the fact that you died on the cross for me
that you were beaten for the sins that i commited
that you endured that pain for me

to what do i owe the fact that you gave your life to me?
for my family,
my friends?
… the answer …

you were the greatest gift the world,
and mankind have ever recieved
or could recieve!
i love you Jesus!

Indeks van digters

(Stuur jou gedigte na bydraes by Digters is ook welkom om een foto van te stuur vir publisering.

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