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Stuur jou gedigte na bydraes by Digters is ook welkom om een foto te stuur vir publisering.



eensame pyn ken geen woorde
teleurstelling lê voor
waarde van vriendskap is verlore
kan ek die seer soos eie vel aantrek
so verdof my oë se glans
ons vriendskap het geen balans
vertroue is skaars
lewe met lag, haha
wat ‘n grap


so dink mens aan gister
die blomme met al die bye so in harmonie en hardwerkend
mens vergeet van als wat mooi is as mens vertrap word
vertroue moet verdien word
maak nie saak of jy ouer word,
solank ek die bome, blomme en die voëls kan hoor,
elke oggend is ‘n geskenk van bo

vat een om ander te sien

my ore sing, van almal se geskinder
wys my wie van julle is volmaak,
wys my wie van julle is volmaak,
ons almal kan kla die lewe is swaar!
die lewe is nie die fout,
die mense maak dit naar
vertroue en geduld
hardloop soos die wild
niemand kan dit maak
almal praat asof ek nie daar is nie,
word daar nie gesien, of word dit verdien?
slegsê, sieksê, vat een om ander te sien

In Candle light

In candle light, so far away
I hear the voices, calling my name,
sounds, waterfalls, and butterfly’s
while I await my perfect sky
pretty shows everything,
I’ll just go wonder off
for never ever to be seen …

Standing alone

Love is warm and kind
I give it body, soul and mind,
not to waste, not to fear,
guide me when I’m anywhere.
For where ever I am,
I’ll always be standing alone

A friend you lost

I’d like to let you know, how you made me feel
when i met you, i thought you were a great person,
kind, loving, harmless, passionate, caring …
I was disappointed to find things I never saw, the first day I met you.
your mask of loving kindness don’t fase me
the act of caring but having hidden agendas
you praise and compliment me, but I can see.
why do you do this to a good friend like me

I, Myself

You see me, you claim to know me.
The one, Myself, who am I?
Do they really know the feelings,
that I hide and is forgotten inside?
Trying to run, to separate myself from
the pain and bitter memories, creeping and
ripping my inner soul …
Knowing, yes only what you know,
but not off all the dark creatures that feeds off my soul.

Why aren’t you there

The sound of rain, on the ground
The tear drops of all sorrow, really now!
Does anyone know the struggle?
The struggle to be myself, me and I?
Every day’s struggle with feelings, insecurity, and
reality, it stings like a hot summer sun ray stings,
so it stings my heart.
My mind is burning like flames from hell,
Burning my soul up, alive.
My shadow is missing,
looking and searching, for me, myself and I
my mirror image not even wanting to be me,
why don’t I love and accept me?
Who am I really … if not me?

An art

To be, is an art
not to fall into a trap,
is to be open minded
love is an experience
to give and not to expect.
it is hard and sometimes sad
for human consciousness isn’t so well connected
they feel love, not experience it, for they see it as a word
to be, is to be strong, and feel free to love all day long,


Like a panther I am,
sharp but I don’t show
For my laziness shows to much for your liking
Hearing, seeing, everything
hiding out of reach
come to close my paws
claws be put to the test
not knowing how strong or weak I am,
wagging my tail, maybe friendly I am
I am deep, far away beyond your reach
I am a Panther dark, deep, you always
seek what you can’t see …
I go deep in the woods, wondering all alone
natural and so free
so complicated
that’s me!

Perfect moonlight

wondering I perfect moonlight
my shadow and me,
something in my way
Happiness I seek
longing for love,
attention I need.
all these obstacles in my way of happiness –
may they go far away from me. …

Life is life

life is life, and love is an art
to be alone is hard, to love and not loved back,
is a slow painful death …
A subtle silent kill, from those who don’t feel,
selfish, insensitive, bragging – all in fear
of loosing out
missing out on something?
disappointment, courage.
need strength to carry on,
to live to grow
It is the hardest thing in life, happiness
And to stay standing strong


In candle light, so close but yet so far
almost here where everything is ok
until the wind comes blowing the candle light away
came in, and grabbed everything
running around laughing
No more No more
light as a feather, I’m not
go do hop scotch, don’t be like a moth …

how to trust

How confusing it can be, lies misery
deceit, greed, glitz and glimmer
something most people seek
illusion of life is all you see
a soap like seen on TV
playing games and all for yourself to gain,
so cruel, cold, heartless, intensions so impure,
stepping on another when they are poor,
how do I trust after I have endured

learn to except

when the day has past, and it’s time to go to rest
do you think about your best?
as you and your lover stands next to each other
does it feel beter than it would feel with another?
love is beautiful and soft, it makes you speechless and your toes curl.
its a bitter sweat and you have to be discreet
every day, they make love a simple game, but its no game.
I wish happiness and love to all, not to waist but to hold
when you experience love, nurture it, it is your to own
when you feel it the most to need, it’s when you are alone
It’s a gift you can give, and you can receive, learn to except,
trust and be happy

All alone

I don’t feel alive, my heart fees dark, cold and torn apart
sitting all alone, the corner of the wall as my vriend …
salty warm tears running down my face as everything
flashes in front of my eyes and emotions running wild …
sweaty bloody palms, a blade on the floor, what have I done.
my knees are weak, I need some help …
I’m to weak to scream, pins and needles I feel on my scalp,
warm stream of blood running down my legs, on the floor
I am scared for I am getting drowsy, my mouth is dry
no one to listen, now its to late what have a done

Seugnette Erasmus
Seugnette Erasmus

My excuse I made for you, my mom

[to Tersia Pieterse (Loretz) died 25/12/2003]

so soft and warm to hug, your gentle touch like ferry dust
brushing all pain away, for a moment everything feels perfect,
like no one can come in-between..
yet, mostly you forget you loved me with no regret
all sadness a big burden of gift and so many sorry lonely tears,
you wanting to brake away from all the misery and sorrow
yet you don’t know how and where to go, and grab a child
to protect your broken heart that never had a chance to heal,
the militias gossip about me, mom how do you cope with it?
knowing you made it up, the price – you stay in the flock …
Not acknowledging, building self-esteem and not wanting me, showed
your degree of nonexistent self-esteem, and you that wasn’t a full you
Yourself … no real connection we had, but mom i tried to understand
you have never been mine, and aren’t being blamed and you weren’t right or
wrong, for it’s a long long time been ago …
I lived in thinking you hate me and don’t want me, yet you just did not know how to brake free
from the grips of your flock, of disappointment,
mommy love is all we need, I will give it freely


Indeks van digters

Stuur jou gedigte na bydraes by Digters is ook welkom om een foto te stuur vir publisering.

Sluit aan by die Gesprek

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