A local Cape Town radio station had a competition where 10 people could win a trip to Mauritius if you met three simple criteria:

1) You should be fluent in English.
2) You should be non-alcoholic.
3) You should be employed.

Solly called in.

Solly: “Ek kannie eintlik English soe lekker praatie.”
Presenter: “and … ?”
Solly: “En I’m drinking a lot of beers.”
Presenter: “and … ?”
Solly: “Djy sien ekke hettie ‘n job eintlikkie …”
Presenter: “So what is it that you want, you don’t qualify for this competition.”
Solly: “Ek bel maa net om te sê … Ek gattie saamie …”

(Stuur jou grappe na bydraes by roekeloos.co.za)

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